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What Size Do I Need?
The size of your garage is unquestionably one of the most vital aspects of the planning.  It is important to pick a Garage size that will suit you and your family’s needs.  Plan not only for now, but into the foreseeable future as well.  Consider the following ideas when choosing the size of your new garage.

How many cars?
2 cars don’t always mean a 2-stall garage.  Not all vehicles are the same size, and some car doors open wider than others.  A 6’ wide car may need 9’ of space to get in the car door.  Consider how many vehicles you have and how those vehicles would all fit into one space.  Is there anything else outside you would like to protect from the elements like a boat or motorcycle

Storage Needs
Now think beyond just cars.  Is your current storage space in your home overflowing?  If you have closets stuffed full of medium to long term storage items, consider adding extra space to store them in the garage.  The ability to have a less cluttered home is one of the many benefits of having a professionally built one, two, three or more stall garage.